Optimizing GenAI Image Creation for Product Design

Optimizing GenAI Image Creation for Product Design

The creation of the perfect AI-generated image doesn’t end with finding a prompt you like. First we need to explore the concept we call "pre-processing," essentially creating images that will translate into well designed products without a significant amount of human intervention. We're all about efficiency and reducing our own workload here!

This blog post will guide you through some key considerations and methods for image pre-processing, designed to set the stage for successful product integration.

Choose a Platform

In the thriving market of GenAI image creation, you have several choices, each with its own pros and cons. Here's a quick look:

  • Midjourney: Delivers incredible results with minimal fuss but requires investment.
  • Stable Diffusion: Free and highly customizable, but expect a steep learning curve for pristine outcomes.
  • Dall-e: Though popular, it might not meet the demands of certain product development projects.

The choice of platform sets the tone for the entire pre-processing journey. Weigh your options carefully!

Use Prompts that Create Easy-to-Manipulate Images

The right keywords can do wonders. For a more flat vector art style, consider using prompts like "vector art," "2d," "plain white background," and "embroidery pattern." Such terms often lead to images with a full white border, simplifying subsequent post-processing.

Here's why this matters:

  • Ease of Manipulation: Starting with a white-framed image can save you substantial time and effort in later stages.
  • Consistent Results: By adhering to specific prompts, you can achieve uniformity across various product designs.

Using a Frame as a part of a Multimodal Prompt

Midjourney can accept an image via URL as a part of it's prompt. Similarly, Stable Diffusion can use image-to-image to incorporate existing imagery. Using these tools we can integrate our text prompts them with a white frame. This will dramatically alter the output, but the results are often well worth the experimentation.

Try using this frame image URL for along with your prompts, and see if it helps you make a more effective product. Note that Midjourney will treat the center transparent area as black, and sometimes you will want to provide some color or imagery within the frame for best results.

Use a Consistent Seed

In the realm of GenAI, the seed isn't just a random number; it's the foundation of your creative vision. The seed sets the starting point for your image to grow from, and its selection can have profound impacts on the final product.

Using a consistent seed during product creation can work wonders in terms of visual harmony, increase the cohesive vision of your brand, and reduce the number of iterations you need to do to get a result you like. For example, our Aloha Collection maintains a very consistent feel because we used the same seed across all images.

In the ever-evolving world of GenAI, this consistency could be your signature style, a way to mark your unique footprint in the vast sea of AI-generated images.


Pre-processing in GenAI isn't just a preparation phase; it's the foundational framework that shapes the image's journey from conception to realization. From platform selection to keyword prompts, from well-framed results to the pivotal role of a consistent seed, every choice you make is a step towards perfection.

Understanding these various facets helps in transforming AI-generated chaos into art, ready for post-processing and final application. 

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